With Kristin Proby we are always guaranteed a story that will suck us in emotionally and this short for 1001 Dark Nights is no exception.

Even if you haven’t read the Easy Boudreaux series (but seriously you’ll love the series) Adam and Sarah’s book can be read as a standalone.

I would to see this couple get a full length novel to themselves because I found myself becoming very invested in their story very quickly.

Sarah is a single mom and Proby manages to convey the stresses and trials of her situation without bogging down the mood and tone of the book. She is the type of leading woman I like with obvious gumption and strength, not a delicate little wall flower.

Adam is one hot barman. The sex was always going to be hot with Proby doing the writing; but the way she touches on so many issues makes the novella seem much longer. There is no skipping of important plot points in order to slide in under the word count.

I love the interaction between Adam, Sarah and her daughter, the dialogue as always is realistic and really adds to the chemistry between this modern day family.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and only wish there was more of them to come.

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