🌟🌟🌟Live Now! Stripped Bare by Emma Hart🌟🌟🌟
Here’s my 5Β πŸ€Β Review. One click that bad boy!

Once you’ve read one stripper story you’ve read them all, right? Wrong. This was a light-hearted story that also somehow managed to hit you in the feels when you weren’t looking. I loved Mia and West’s story.

I assumed it was going to be hot (I mean it’s Emma Hart-she always brings the heat) but this story was so much more. We got a plethora of developed characters who took us through a myriad of emotions.
Mia goes on a bachelorette party with her best friends. After a one-night dalliance with a stripper she continues on with her life until said stripper ends up popping back up in her life in an unexpected way.
West was everything you look for in a main character, he was well-rounded, thoughtful with just enough alpha to make him H-O-T without being an a-hole.

A thoroughly enjoyable read and a must for those who want the ‘stripper story’ with a twist.

Buy Links:
Amazon US:Β http://amzn.to/1UXgDFs
Amazon UK:Β http://bit.ly/StrippedBare-UK
Amazon AU:Β http://bit.ly/StrippedBareAU
Amazon CA:Β http://bit.ly/StrippedBareCA
Barnes & Noble:Β http://bit.ly/StrippedBare-BN
iBooks:Β http://bit.ly/StrippedBareiBooks



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