Down Shift by K.Bromberg

My review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“You’re my water”

I am still trying to find the right words for this review…I really wish I could manually add a 6th star for this book. To start with, I did not know if I wanted to read Down Shift, as for me Zander was the child in the Driven series and Colton the hot alpha male. I was in a way worried that this will interfere with my judgment. I never would have believed it was possible, but the opposite happened. I love adult Zander so so much that he might even have stolen my heart that used to belong to Colton. Hard to believe, but true.

“Sometimes it takes a new ear, a fresh voice, to put things in perspective for you”

Down Shift is an astonishing, heartfelt addicting story. I can’t even form the words to express how I felt about this novel. It’s just downright powerfully and mysteriously fascinating. The Hero himself, Zander is just powerful and so full of a dark tortured soul .He captivates me, on so many different levels. Without him this novel wouldn’t have been the same. He found his perfect match in Getty who is also running away from her past and wants to rebuild her life, to rekindle with herself.

“She’s beautifully scarred, gorgeously flawed, irresistibly captivating.”

KB story telling is wonderful, and her characterisation is outstanding. Her ability to tell Zander and Getty’s story in dual POV is superb, I never at any time felt like I was missing anything.

I loved watching Zander go through his self-discovery, and revealing himself to Getty piece by piece (and vice versa). And when the final barriers came down, and he relinquished his soul/heart to her, at that point my heart was his.

“Love can be pure. Love can be fierce. It can be volatile. It can turn black. But even when it does, you can’t always stop loving.”

There were so many moving moments in this book, and I shed my tears, and my heart clenched.

I am actually a bit frustrated because I still can’t find the words to describe perfectly how I felt – everything in this book was magical, it captured my attention, my mind and my heart from the very beginning.

KB did not write a classic romance story-  Zander and Getty ‘s story is more than that. Their story is real, raw and so poetic- in a way it is a fairy tale. We are completely sucked in by their feelings. The emotional magnitude of this book is great and far reaching. KB paints the most beautiful pictures with her words. With every turn of the page I fell deeper for this story.   Getty and Zander have a connection that is so deep that you experience everything with them- you feel it deep in your soul and heart. The word “ socks” has never been so meaningful and endearing!

I’m left shredded and wanting more but it couldn’t feel any better.

“Heartbreak is okay. Because at least that means my heart was full enough to feel love –and I don’t think I really ever knew what that felt like before”


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