Disheveled. My review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Disheveled was a fresh, entertaining and quick read.

Delilah has it all- great job, great friends and great body. She wants the fairy tale and is desperately looking for Prince Charming. One problem- her roommate Cole Sterling embodies everything she is looking for but his feet were cemented in the ” friend zone” where I was concerned.

Cole is hot, successful and a ” manwhore”, “his sex appeal was through the roof”

After living four years together, will Delilah and Cole yield to temptation or go their separate way? Will Princess Leia find her HanSolo?

I really enjoyed the reference to Smut books and the UCC meetings. All the women had sass and were strong and funny.
” Sweetheart, your temper could make the atomic bomb look like a firecracker”
The only reason I gave it only four stars, was that the storyline was too predictable. However, despite guessing what was going to happen, I could not put the book down til the very end!

#Availablenow #OneClick

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