A Place in the Sun ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My review



A Place in the Sun by Rachel Grey

“Don’t you remember what I told you? You’re my northern wind, my tramontana.”

The first thing I did when I finished A Place In the Sun was checking if it was easy to get to Vernazza from Scotland. I want to go there and experience everything that the story of Luca and Georgie made me feel- Love and passion. I fell in love with the village and its people . #InstaLove

The story of Luca and Georgie is a story about fate and life.

Georgie is a heroine who is determined, sassy and driven. Tired of her mother’s matchmaking she decided to escape England and ended in Italy, in Verazza. Her mission- find a husband.

“She was bold and beautiful, adventurous and so full of life, she made everyone around her feel it as well. “

Gianluca…*Swoon is now one of my favourite Alpha Male. He is a loner who has his routine with his dear friends and nothing prepared him for “the Tramontana” that is Georgie. Luca is a tortured soul and it’s his personality that makes him so endearing , so captivating, so Freaking HOT!

“And her smile—being on the receiving end of one of Georgie’s smiles was like feeling the summer sun as it breaks through the clouds.”

A Place in the Sun is so romantic that you need to be prepared to have your heart taken away by Georgie and Gianluca!
Five fabulous stellas!

#OneClick #LiveNow #Romance #Instalove

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