Hell & Back- My review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“You’re my perfect, you’re my salvation, and you’re my everything.”

I remember reading the blurb and thinking “ ok , I’ll read it, sounds good” and saying that I am grateful I did, is an understatement. 3 Weeks later I am still suffering from the biggest book-hangover I have ever had.

Hell and Back was so addicting, I had to have more and I devoured it in just a few hours. The story of Jackson and Bella totally consumed me. It was so good that immediately after finishing, I contacted Natasha Madison thanking her and asking when she was releasing more in this series.

To be honest, words fail me about how to describe this book… but trust me, if you can only buy one book this month, buy Hell & Back. It will not disappoint.

The dual point of view narration enabled us to get to know all the characters as individuals, then as a unit … It was a roller coaster full of ups, downs, twists and stomach dropping moments. N.M ripped my heart out and I literally stopped breathing at some point… to the extent that my husband kept asking me what’s wrong? I will tell you what was wrong- the writing is flawless and the story so captivating that you are sucked in and forget that the story of Bella and Jackson is purely fictional.

My emotions were all over the place- tears, heart palpitations, and lots of heartfelt sighs.
I don’t think I have ever crushed on a character in a book more than I did while reading Hell and Back . Jackson is the embodiment of perfection of love at its highest, purest level.
He’s a bit of everything- friend,lover, protector, Alpha and a knight in a white shiny armour. Bella bless her heart, she was a damaged heroine who, despite her traumatic past, strives for a fresh start, a new beginning for herself and her daughter!


“I’m broken. Your mother is right. You can’t save me, and you can’t heal me. I have one goal in my life now, and it’s to make sure Lilah knows what love is. Unconditional love. “

This book read like a movie in my head. For me Bella and Jackson’s story is more than a story about love, abuse and loss, it is a story about trust and letting go.
This book will simply blow you away and make you feel all the emotions, all the angst that the characters are experiencing. I can’t even describe it…
With its unique take on love, loss and learning to open up again, Natasha Madison has written a masterpiece, un “chef d’oeuvre” and 5 Stars doesn’t do this book justice.
Outstandingly pure and beautiful.

“I never want to know what a tomorrow will be like without you in it. I never want to wake up in a bed without you in it. I don’t want to go through this life without you by my side.”


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