Major Love by Kate Stewart- My review⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“You’re my dream.”

As soon as I became aware that K.S was writing Major Love , I knew that I had to get hold of it when it was going to be available. Anything but Minor is a book that I enjoy re-reading , I simply love it!

So, when I started to read Major Love , I had very high expectations and let me tell you that K.S has knocked it out of the park AGAIN… BIG TIME!

Andy is left heartbroken after Kristina and her son decided to move away. For Andy , she was the one, and he would have done the impossible for her, because she was it -but she didn’t love him the same way.
“I’d never been the type of man to want anything less than a forever woman. “

Andy is drowning his sorrow at April and Rafe’s engagement when he is introduced to April.
That night changed everything… and one promise was made.

“Give your big heart to a man who deserves it, okay? Make him earn it, make him earn you.”

Those words went straight to my heart ❤

In Major Love , KS created endearing, witty, real characters who fill the pages with their fears, hopes and dreams. Andy and April’s story is heartwarming, emotional, raw and intense. It is LOVE at its best.
The book is funny, sad- it’s romantic, it’s engrossing and I love KS ‘s writing style.

I am absolutely besotted with this book!

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