Face- Off at the Altar by Toni Aleo- My review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


“ you’re my best friend, my soulmate, my laugh, my smile, my heart… my everything”

I can’t believe that Face-off at the Altar is the first book that I read in the Assassins series. Even if it’s a standalone, I wished I had read the other books before, to know more about the secondary characters( that I loved) and about Markus and Mekena’s past.

Markus and Mekena return to Nashville to celebrate Lucy and Benji’s wedding. Their pasts and their worlds seem to complicate everything between them, and when they collide, would they make it?
“Stop looking like a shelter dog with no possibility of adoption.”

Mekena is planning to avoid him like the plague, as she never got over the way their relationship ended. Mekena is a strong character, full of hatred and resentment towards the man she thought once was the one, Markus.
“he didn’t want a Tinder kind of love; he wanted a Facebook- official one”

Markus’s life is a mess professionally and personally, and once he gets a shot in the NFL team of his dream, he has no other choice then taking control of his life again. The first thing to do, is to make amend with Mekena and give her an explanation that was a long time due.
“ I’m first in line. Waiting.
There is no line, only you”

I have experienced so many emotions while I was reading Face -off At the Altar , but it felt extremely real and I could completely connect with the story. The writing style is highly addictive with plenty of wit, feelings and humour. Both characters have dark secrets but this is masterfully handled by Toni Aleo. A second chance story that is real, romantic, sweet and sexy.

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