Safe bet by Monica Murphy- My review ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



Smart, Sexy and Hot story.

Safe Bet is the first book that I read in The Rules series. Even if it is a standalone, I think that I should have read the other books first to know more about the characters from previous books – like for example Drew and Fable.

Sydney was cut off by her parents and found a job as a nanny for the famous 49ers Drew, thanks to her brother. At only 19, she is worried to not be able to do the job but is determined to give it her best shot.

Her life turns into a nightmare when she makes the headline of the tabloids as the nanny sleeping with her boss. Fable and Drew come up with a plan to sort the situation out: Sydney and Wade should pretend to be together… have a fake relationship.

“ it’s like we’re bonding over our mutual distaste for love and relationships”

Wade is very close to Drew and Fable and consider them like family, which makes it difficult for him to say no to them. He wants to focus on his career in the NFL and he works really hard to make the team. There is no time for distractions, girls or even worst for a relationship.

“Love is a total waste of time”

Wade and Sydney have a week to play the happy couple and convinced the paparazzi that their relationship is genuine. IS it that easy? Will they manage to play this role for a week without any consequences?

“It doesn’t matter how it all started. What counts is where you end up.”

I loved the chemistry between Wade and Sydney. I thought they were so cute together and I couldn’t help but smile when they were together.


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