Screwmates by Kayti McGee- My review⭐⭐⭐⭐



Screwmates was a sexy, sweet and funny read! Kayti McGee is a new author for me and I laughed so much while I was reading Screwmates , it is exactly what I needed.

“Men had a habit of ruining all of your daydreams about them, I’d noticed. Looked like he was to be no exception.”

It was light-hearted with moments that were sweet, funny and a whole lot of sexy!! Madison is hilarious and a true force to-be-reckoned with. While her sights are firmly fixed on one man, Marc, she is also focused on her dream- writing comics…

You see the transition from roommates to friends and then to screwmates! Kayti McGee ‘s attention to details in the narration are one of the reasons why I was hooked from the very beginning- Madison’s underwear were perfect, the selection of wines fabulous, the “ geeky” references- I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

I wanted to pee in my pants while reading Screwmates. I wanted to swoon over Marc and high-five Madison every time she was making an attempt to seduce him. I wanted to be her best friend and just hang out with her. She’s quirky, honest and cute.

This is the kind of book you will laugh so hard your belly will ache and your cheeks will burn. Kayti McGee is definitely an author I will be looking too read more from in the future.

“Kissing Marc was both everything I’d ever fantasized about and nothing I could ever imagine. Suddenly, I knew exactly how Peter Parker must have felt after the spider bit him; awakened to incredible new senses. “


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