The Cad and the Co-ed by the awesome duo Penny Reid and L.H Cosway. My review ✮✮✮✮✮

Love love love  

*Arc kindly provided for an honest review*

L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid are such an awesome duo. They never disappoint!
Once again, they made me laugh out loud and swoon! The Cad and the Co-ed was FORKING brilliant.

At 19, Eilish’s bedroom walls were covered by posters of her idol, the man of her dream… Brian Leech. So when she meets him at a party, Eilish is blown away. One thing led to another and she ended by spending the night with him. What was the best night of her life to start with, ended by becoming her worst nightmare- Brian could not remember anything and treated her like any other women he usually slept with.

Five years later, Eilish and Brian’s path crosses again but they are both two different persons.
Brian is a new man- no more parties, no more one night stands and no more drinks.
Eilish is the mother of a beautiful five years old boy, Patrick. She has raised him alone with the support of her amazing cousin Sean.

“She’d sacrificed herself. If I wasn’t careful, Eilish Cassidy would be elevated to sainthood level in my mind.”

He is a cute toddler that pretty much won me over. He is adorable and smart!
“Patrick is precious to me. He is the most precious, the most wonderful, the most important person in my life. I love him soul deep and oceans wide “

And sure enough, when she comes face-to-face with the father of her child, Brian, she’s transported back five years, and longer even. Flooded by all the memories of their one night together. But Brian is still gorgeous, talented and so much more…
The charged push and pull between the two characters was entirely addictive.

“I’m forgettable to you.”

Brian and Eilish have a long list of issues between them. A long list of reasons to not be together, to not trust each other. Nonetheless, every moment they are together, they feel an unrelenting desire for each other. They are either fighting their attraction or kissing. There is no in between. They are intense, all the time. I could not help but root for them to figure it out and make it all work.

“You’re wrong. I’m attracted to you on every level. I want you, Eilish. I want you with every breath I take.” “Wanting isn’t enough.”

I absolutely loved Brian. His deep love for Patrick and Eilish was so endearing, his passion for both of them made my heart melt. The characters were very real and easy to connect with. The Cad and the Co-ed is an excellent second chance romance. It is a story about forgiveness, finding the courage to do what’s right and real love: the love that lasts a lifetime.



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