Famous by Default- My review ★★★★★


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  My review 

“Do you really think what’s between us is ordinary?”

I don’t usually read Young Adult but the title of the book caught my attention. I did not read the blurb and I went in pretty blindsided…. nothing prepared me for what I read. I was blown away by the emotional and heart-wrenching story of Jax and Sivan.

Some part had me crying, from sadness and possibly tears of hope.
Sivan is a broken girl with disturbing secrets.

“Sivan, it’s your future I want, not your past. “

Jax is sick of not being able to live his life freely because of his brothers’ fame.

“Famous by default. A genetic twist of fate. Either the girls thought I was my twin brother, Gage, or they were intrigued because the media had labelled me “mysterious.”

Their love story is filled with pain, grief, loss and love.
I love the dual POV. It enabled us to see both of their struggles as they both faced difficult choices and emotions that neither were familiar with- essentially Sivan. Jax’s inner voice was so endearing, it gave us glimpses of his vulnerable and sweet side, of his fears, doubts and his pain.
Both need each other in different ways, but both are fearful. I am still thinking about it, and most of all, FEELING all these things for the characters. They are wounded and hurt but they have so much to give to each other, and MK Harkins shows the depth of their hearts and the possibility for a pure, romantic and unique LOVE between them.

I was overwhelmed with emotion so I can’t write this review without being emotionally involved. I am not saying much of the story because I would not know where to start. Famous by Default was simply wonderful and real. It shows that struggling with Love and Life has no age. One of the best epilogues, I have ever read.


About Famous by Default:

Jax doesn’t want to be famous. Stalked by rabid fans and the paparazzi, he dreams of better days when things were normal. But those days are gone. No one can stay under the radar if you’re from the Jaynes family. He doesn’t trust anymore.


Sivan doesn’t have a family. As a part of the foster care system, all she wants is to finish doing her time and move out and on. She doesn’t love anymore.


Jax and Sivan are thrust together on a small-town farm in Mount Vernon, Iowa. They take an immediate dislike of one another, trying at every opportunity to trip each other up. They don’t want to acknowledge they might be more similar than they first thought.


Will they stay stuck in their past, hanging on to their lack of trust and love? Or can they change before it’s too late?

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About M.K. Harkins:

MK has always been a voracious reader. After hitting a dry spell of reading material, she decided to write the kind of book she’d like to read. This resulted in the creation of her debut novel, Intentional. (Award for Best Sweet Romance – eFestival of Words- August 2014)

Unintentional, the second book in the series, is based on the life of one of the characters in Intentional (Cade – an engineer/rock star). Unintentional was written as a stand-alone book.

Breaking Braydon, another stand-alone book, is now available on Amazon.

Taking Tiffany (A spin-off) is available now.

MK is currently working on a paranormal romance – The Reader. Due out 2016. When she’s not writing novels, she likes to spend her free time traveling the world, splashing in mud puddles (She lives in Seattle, what can she say?), watching movies and reading (!)


Connect with M.K.:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

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