5🍀 Review Anne Mercier

5🍀 Review Anne Mercier
The Way With You is the second in the The Way series. If you haven’t read The Way Back to Me you can rectify that here: Amazon US Amazon UK  Both books are also available through Kindle Unlimited. This post is a day late because I had the amazing opportunity to meet Anne at FBBF yesterday and she was just awesome!
 YA/NA/Coming of Age books can be a bit trying these days. It’s difficult to come up with new storylines or twist old ones in a new and interesting way. Anne Mercier is one of the few of these authors who I will automatically one click.
This book could be read as a standalone as Mercier covers the important parts of the backstory within the narrative. However you are depriving yourself of an amazing read in the first book.
We pick up where the first book left off but very quickly we start to see how Livvy, Sebastian, Cameron and Alexia’s personalities have developed. Especially Livvy, which is really important, to me her journey is the crux of the story-not just the romance. 
I found myself guessing and double guessing what was going on and what I wanted to happen. There were a couple of “kindle is about to meet wall” moments-as only Mercier can do. But at the same time the story of the heart that unfolded through this book was emotional and enjoyable. My only complaint is that it wasn’t long enough. I could’ve kept reading, and reading, and reading about these characters.
I only hope there are more to come in this series as I really want to revisit them and see where they are.

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