New Release-Everett by Cee Smith

New Release-Everett by Cee Smith

4🍀 review for Everett

I really enjoyed this book and genuinely wasn’t sure what to expect going in. I was pleasantly surprised to have a found a book that kept me guessing without it specifically being a suspense novel.

Indigo gets a new job with an award winning company, but finds herself face to face with a man she a single sexual run-in with, who is now her boss.

What I enjoyed about this book was some of role-reversal. There was the ‘normal’ BDSM play *trigger warning for those of you who aren’t in to a bit of slap and tickle* but the crux of their relationship outside of the playroom was different to the stereotypes we are usually presented with.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Indigo is your normal everyday girl, there was a lot of crap she pulled I couldn’t see myself doing, ever, and I like my brand of crazy. But Smith’s writing style leads you through Indigo’s thought processes so that at the time you can see what she’s doing and why she’s doing it.

Everett/Vett/Suit/Mr Belford was H-O-T and frankly he can flog any day he pleases, and twice on Sunday. But I found him *almost* being too much of an asshole. Smith tread that line very carefully, and thankfully didn’t completely cross it. Again through Smith’s writing we found ourselves filled with righteous indignation for Indigo at some of Everett behaviours.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed Indigo and Everett’s story, I will be going into Smith back catalogue and seeing what I’ve missed out on as this is the first book of her’s I’ve read. Enjoy.


One girl. Five stops. A chance encounter that would change everything.

When Indigo Ericson gets her dream job at Digital Monument, she can’t believe her luck. Not only is she collaborating with an award-winning creative team, but she is also working on a top-secret project. And then she meets her boss.

Except this isn’t their first time meeting.

Everett Belford isn’t just the creative director. He’s the man from the train—Vett. The stranger Indigo has spent the last three months infatuated with. He may act like he doesn’t remember, but Indigo won’t let him forget.

Where do the lines of infatuation and reality meet? When does curiosity become obsession? In an attempt to pick up where they left off, Indigo accepts his limited offer, but the deeper she descends into his world, the more she wants to draw him into hers. Except when it comes to Indigo, things aren’t always as they seem.

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